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Who Is Your Leader Within?

I participated last weekend in Helsinki Yoga Festival and had a lecture there about Who Is Your Leader Within. I was freaking out about sharing my deep, deep stuff with the audience, but it was such a wonderful experience that I want to share with you as well. This is a story about how I found my Leader Within and where it has taken me.

“Be a lady they said” video is a great example of the external expectations, the mixed signals we receive from the world around us on how we should look, feel, behave and act. We are never in the right way or place. I was living by those expectations until I hit the wall 2015 being diagnosed with burnout and depression. I truly felt being at the bottom and a great failure. I was asking myself if I really want to live like this. Well, you know the answer. Life led me to a new position where I connected with my purpose; training people on personal values and life purpose. It empowered me to apply for Co-Active Coaching training.

Co-Active Coaching is all about connecting with our heart, body, should and mind, and there I also found my inner leader, the Angel of Light. The first version of my life purpose sentence was “I am the Angel of Light, who helps us to connect within and find our unique paths in life.“ That sentence kept me going through hard times when my mother was terminally ill. I decided to follow my core values in life: balance (work/life), well-being (physical, mental), adventure, curiosity, connection, inspiration, and integrity. Those values lead me to take the decision of resigning from my work and start a new life as an entrepreneur with self-authority and trust that life will take me to where ever is needed. I also decided money isn't important, but following my heart, purpose, and values are.

I started to listen more of my body, soul, heart, mind signals and they told me to go to yoga. I tried all the classes from hand standing to yin and vinyasa flow, but only in kundalini, I found my peace. I was full of curiosity, what is this crazy and so centering yoga?!? I started with weekly lessons and my hunger to learn and know more about it grew all the time. When I came across Inderjit Kaur Khalsa's Chakra Path and Journey To Balance kundalini yoga teacher training I couldn't resist it. It was literally calling for my name. Starting this spiritual journey with kundalini called me to apply for my spiritual name from When I received it I was amazed by the connection to my Leader Within (well the universe knows what I don't know). It is Devi Livpreet Kaur, "The Angelic Princess/Lioness who embodies profound love through her one-pointed devotion to the divine". So, the angel within was guiding my way here.

I feel the Co-Active Coaching and Leadership path and kundalini yoga has connected me with my wisdom, knowing within, with the life purpose I had with me when I was born. And that's amazing. Now, the hard part starts in making it real :).

Do you want to connect with your leader withing?

Sat Nam <3.



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