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Looking For a Coach to Support Your Growth as A Coach?

I started my Co-Active path in August 2017 and from the first moment I loved the atmosphere that was created by the amazing co-leaders. I decided to be one of them one day. That was the start of a new era in my life and my career. One year after I resigned from my "dream" corporate job and started to fulfill my dreams as a Leadership Coach and Entrepreneur.

My core values are adventure, humor, growth, and paying it forward. Life without new interesting people, places, sceneries, cents, sounds, and tastes is no life for me. I long for adventure. My soul is kept to its tune when I get to wander around and find new perspectives on life. Having fun, laughing, and enjoying life is my bread and butter. They keep me on track and it's a sign that I am doing good and I am being with the people I want. All this already keeps me growing and interestingly I always find my way of growing to the direction that is meant for me.


Coaching and Training for Coaches


I work as a certification coach for coaches who are going through their Co-Active Coaching Certification Program and also do Mentor Coaching for coaches who want to have their ACC credentials from ICF or who are renewing their ACC credentials.

With Aina Giving I also train coaches to Empower Women in Vulnerable Communities. You can develop your coaching skills through our unique coaching program and also pay it forward by doing the pro bono coaching included in the program.

I have CPCC and PCC certifications myself, so I know how to support on your process. I have also worked for business life for 20 years in HR, sales, and leadership positions, and done leadership coaching and development for organizations, so I have a great background in supporting you on your coaching path and regenerating your own business.

I offer all my clients a FREE no-obligation 60-minute coaching conversation. During our call, we'll get to know each other and discover how your life looks like right now, how can support you, and what are your goals in life and as a coach.

Free Chemistry Call

 Marika is a genuinely curious, kind, compassionate, empathetic, knowledgeable, and personable coach and leader.


Working with Marika was enriching and empowering. Her listening skills and intuitive gifts offer wisdom and the opportunity to grow professionally and personally.


I believe we all have the strength within us to thrive and live the life we deserve. Are you ready to commit to getting the life you want?