Prananadi Therapy

Prananadi is an ancient Tibetan energy healing modality that aims at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual harmony. Monks in Tibet (nowadays in Nepal) have used the techniques in healing themselves and others with energy for thousands of year (first reference goes back to 6700 BC). 


Prananadi purifies the negative states in our bodies and brings on the positive states. It provides a general state of wellbeing and inner balance.


Impacts of the Prananadi method:

  • increased energy level

  • less stress

  • balance in the nervous system

  • accelerated regeneration process of the cells

Prananadi can be used to support medical treatment of any disease/condition. 


The term Prananadi comes from the words prana= universal life energy and nadi= energy channels in our body (there are 72.000 of them).  


Ultimately we are all responsible for healing ourselves, and that being well and in balance is first of all a matter of attitude and receptivity. We may be ill because we worry, or we are habitually angry and resentful, or because we perceive ourselves as separate from the rest of life or deny our feelings and needs.

Prananadi is a natural, tranquil and powerful way to receive healing and open up to increased consciousness. In a Prananadi session, the practitioner works, hands-on, with the channeling and flow of the universal life energy. The client feels this through releasing of emotions, deep grounding and relaxation. Prananadi session is a source of deep healing; it rejuvenates the body and mind as well as the connection between these two.



  • releases mental and physical stress

  • calms the nervous system

  • corrects negative mental and emotional states

  • supports the self-healing process of the body

  • helps the healing process and the regeneration of the body’s organs and tissues, egg. after surgery or prolonged illness

  • alleviates or completely removes pain

  • increases the vitality supply; has refreshing, stimulating effects

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