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Looking for a Certification Coach?

I started my Co-Active path in August 2017 and from the first moment I loved the atmosphere that was created by the amazing co-leaders. I decided that one day I would do the same work. That was the start of a new era in my life and my career. A year later, I resigned from my corporate job and started to fulfill my dreams as a Leadership Coach and an Entrepreneur.

My core values are adventure, humor, growth, and paying it forward. Life without new interesting people, places, sceneries, sounds, scents, and tastes is no life for me. I long for adventure. My soul is kept to its tune when I get to wander around and find new perspectives on life. Having fun, laughing, and enjoying life is my bread and butter. They keep me on track and it's a sign that I am doing good and I am being with the people I want. All this already keeps me growing and interestingly I always find my way of growing to the direction that is meant for me.

My leader withing is the Angel of Light, who enables the connection within and with the universe. Our world has become to a point where we need to come together for a better future. We can't close our eyes anymore to what's going on in the world. Listening to the wisdom of our soul, heart, body, and mind will help us to find our path in life and keep us on that track.

Certification Coaching


I worked with my certification coach for a year and that was a TRANSFORMATIONAL experience. I worked towards my goals and made huge decisions in my LIFE. I want to offer the same experience to you. An opportunity to GROW professionally and steer your life to the DIRECTION you want (find that WANT as well).

You may choose the most suitable program for YOU from my certification offering. If you want to meet the minimum CTI program requirement, book the CLARITY program with 6 months of in-depth work together. And if you want to have the FULL shebang (like I did), look at the 5-month DIRECTION program as well and book them together and voíla, you have an 11-month RADICAL GROWTH coaching package that will change your life. You will find the program descriptions below.

Here you find CTI's information package on prerequisites for the Co-Active Coach Certification training.

I offer all my clients a FREE no-obligation 60-minute coaching conversation. During our call, we'll get to know each other and discover how your life looks like right now, how can support you, and what are your goals in life and as a coach.

Free Chemistry Call


CLARITY Coaching Program

If you want to make sure you are following your path to the wanted direction this program is for you. It includes12 biweekly coaching sessions of 45 minutes.  

Depending on your needs we will make time for mentoring questions, dedicate one call or two for oral exam practice, where you get to coach me and receive feedback, and/or we may also work with building your coaching business.

We will define your goals for our journey together, and refine them on the way.

6 months/1950€

My Services

DIRECTION Coaching Program

What happens after your certification training is over? This program offers you ongoing support in the months after certification. I needed the support from my coach to get there where I wanted and I would love to do the same for you. 


This additional program gives you 10 biweekly calls of 45 minutes including:

  • MENTORING – when you need professional support, advice or to grow your business,

  • COACHING  SUPERVISION – when you want to keep growing your skills, and /or

  • COACHING – explore your life and work towards your goals in life.

5 months/1450€

I believe we all have the strength within us to thrive and live the life we deserve. Are you ready to commit to getting the life you want?
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