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What is Yoga Therapy?

For me Kundalini Yoga has been one of the "life saving" actions when having burnout 2015-2017. I had been exercising hard (crossfit and running) and my body simply shut down. I experienced extreme fatigue and tiredness, I didn't recover from practise and I had symptoms similar to asthma when exercising. That was tough for a person whose only stress release method had been hard exercise. What my soul guided to do was to try all sorts of yoga to find a suitable practise and I did find Kundalini yoga. That was a life changing experience. During my first class, I felt more connected to myself than ever.  

There are many types of Yoga Therapy offered in the market. The Yoga Therapy I practice, is also called Kundalini Medicine and it focuses on the tools of Kundalini Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine. It looks at each individual from a holistic wellbeing perspective to examine the strength and balance of the

  •  8 chakras ,

  • 10 radiant bodies, and

  • 14 major meridians.  

The counsel provided in a therapy session offers a greater understanding of yourself from a 360 perspective.

Kundalini Yoga Therapy is an intervention for numerous conditions including stress, burnout, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, addiction, insomnia, life transitions and other common conditions.

Yoga Therapy starts with a one hour consultation on your health situation. Based on the information given I will give you a 30-60 minute healing sessions and recommend homework practise that can include the combination of various tools:​

  • Kundalini exercises and kriyas specifically selected to accelerate the healing process

  • Breathing exercises to aid in the mental steadiness regarding the focus of session

  • A specific meditation based off the particular circumstance

  • Kundalini Energy Work to balance the 8 chakras, 10 bodies, and 14 major meridians  

  • Acupressure work to help balance the energetic system

  • Recommendations of foods to enrich the body & target specific biosystems

I offer new clients a FREE no-obligation 30-minute consultation conversation. During our call we'll discover how your life looks like right now, what are your hopes and dreams, what is holding you back, and how to change things for you.


Free Get-To-Know Session

My Services

Energy Activation Method®

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I am a certified Energy Activation Method®  Kundalini Yoga Teacher. The method created by Inderjit Kaur Khalsa is a powerful journey into yourself, your power, creativity, and soul through breathwork, kundalini kriyas, and meditation. This work is for anyone who wants to deepen their self-awareness and learn how to work with your energy centers and balance your energy flow. It will help to become more present, connect with yourself, raise your consciousness about what’s going on in your life, and to lead yourself in the direction you want.

Each individual or group session will have a specific focus on each chakra and its theme:

1st Chakra: Self-Acceptance and Forgiveness
2nd Chakra: Flow and Creativity
3rd Chakra: Connecting with Your Strength
4th Chakra: Self-compassion & Love
5th Chakra: Strengthening Your Voice
6th Chakra: Intuition
7th Chakra: Connection with the Universe
8th Chakra: Your Charisma and Light

Read my blog "Explaining the Chakra Energy System" to learn more about the chakras.

To participate no earlier experience from yoga is needed, just come with an open and curious mind. After your chakrapath, you will have a strong personal practice to use whenever needed. You will also have:
- more balance in life,
- tools to accept the past and the present moment,
- deeper mind-body connection,
- stronger connection to your intuition, and
- more clarity of your direction in life.

Ask for more information!

I believe we all have the strength within us to thrive and live the life we deserve. Are you ready to work towards it?
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