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My Story

I am here and doing well despite of years of exhaustion, performing, toxic relationships, and mental burden. I have used all the tools and methods I am sharing with you with myself and I have benefited a great deal from them. I hope you find inspiration in my story to take care of your own wellbeing.

I grew up in the countryside in a hard-working blue-collar family. As a child, I had a lot of responsibility at home and my family encouraged me to start working after vocational studies. My dreams were somewhere else, I wanted to study at university and travel the world. At 17 years old I left home. Since then I have taken care of myself and fulfilled my childhood dreams. Also for me, it has taken a long time to discover what I really want to do in my life. 

Like many others, I was in my earlier years chasing more and more challenging positions, higher status and money. When I had my first child 2010 I realized I wasn't satisfied with my life. I was interested in training people and wanted to develop myself in that field.

That was the point I learned about coaching for the first time. I participated in workshops and read all I could find on it. My professional coaching path started in 2012 when I started working as an entrepreneurship coach. I went through my first coach training and fell in love with it.


I had found my purpose! It was to help other people to find their passion in life and know themselves on a deeper level. I also established my first company to help women achieve their dreams and use their full potential.

After I had my second son in 2013 I wanted to return to business life. I started in a managerial position in a big corporate. I loved working with the people, but the heavy processes and continuous problems drained me. After just one year I needed a break to recover from burnout symptoms. Luckily, I changed position within the company and I slowly started gaining my energy back.


In 2016 my older son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, which was a huge shock. Our first-year living the disease was extremely heavy.  I realize now I should have stayed home to take care of myself and my family. But I thought I could handle it, and I didn't want to give up on my life, career, and hobbies. I became more and more exhausted.

When 2017 started I thought I had survived the worst, until my mother was diagnosed with cancer and she passed away in 2018. These events have brought home that I only live once and the life I want to live has to be lived NOW.


In service of this realization, I signed up for the Coaching Training Institute's coach training and finally decided to follow my dream, in becoming a certified professional coach. It has been the BEST decision ever. I LOVE working with my clients to achieve their dreams and goals.

Coaching is about finding out who you really are, connecting to your inner wisdom, intuition, heart, soul, and body. And this is exactly what I have also gained through my coach training journey.

My journey has continued with intensive 10 month Co-Active Leadership training in 2019. It was an awakening journey to myself. A true deep dive to how I am being with other people and what do I want from my life. At that time I was longing for understanding the physical body more and more and I signed in for a kundalini yoga teacher training in 2020. It gave me a deep understanding of energy work and how can we heal ourselves through physical movement, breathing and meditation. 

In 2020 we moved to Stockholm for my husband's work. I love adventures and we spent two amazing years in Stockholm. I studied there Medicinsk Yoga, which gave me deeper understanding how kundalini yoga impacts us. In Sweden the healthcare system uses Kundalini/Medicinsk Yoga for mental and physical rehabilitation. 

2020 we moved back to Finland and I started my Prananadi energy healing studies. Since my burnout in 2015 I have worked hard to recover and only after I started healing myself with this technique I felt that I have finally recovered. I have never felt this balanced in my life. I enjoy life every day, whatever the circumstances.

In 2022 I started Yoga Therapy studies in Copenhagen. Kundalini Yoga has been a huge step working with my  traumas, mental models and emotions and that's why I want to understand more deeply how can I help my clients to do the same. In the training we are going deeper into the kundalini asanas, meditation, mantras, breathing, kriyas and their healing impact and to Traditional Chinese Medicine and its holistic approach to wellbeing. Recognizing imbalances in the body is at the heart of Chinese medicine. We can restore the balance e.g. with acupressure, yoga exercises and general lifestyle changes.

To me, life is an adventure. I love traveling, exploring new places, cultures, languages and meeting new people. I am curious about life and people's stories. I love learning and reading biographies, and literature on leadership, and psychology. My core values are humor, authenticity, connection, love, freedom, inspiration, self-development and balance.

If you want to talk about coaching or the work I do, book a 30 minute get-to-know session!

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