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Zero Ground

I am standing on the highest peak I ever imagined and the view opening in front of my eyes is breathtaking. Rough mountains, peaks covered with snow, deep canyons, unboundless beauty and wilderness, no one at sight. I breathe in and let go, run down the slope, and jump. The air shivers my skin, hair, and clothes. I am floating like a snowflake enjoying the scenery from the bottom of my heart.

My soul space
Zero Ground

This is how I feel at 41, discovering myself and life, knowing I need to leave this peak and the journey behind and jump on a new trail, a new path, to conquer the peak at sight.

My mind is trying to convince me not to jump. “It's too scary", "It's too much", "Stay here, where it's safe”, "You will never get there", and "You are ruining your career".

But my heart and my soul knows. I need to let go, to make space for the new. Jump in with courage, not knowing where it will take me. Deep down I know everything, is meant, there is no right or wrong, just surrendering to what I know is calling for me. Even now when writing, the energy of these words is heating my fingers and the soles of the feet.

I feel I have arrived at my fountainhead, the spring where I come from. I am indulging myself with reading, reading stories of people and lives that fascinate me, I become part of those stories, and take in everything that is relevant for me on my journey. I cook with love, I walk my kids to school and fetch them when they are ready. I do my yoga practice and meditation, without it my flame weakens. I write. I write about the soul journey I have been through this year and hundreds of years before. I wake up every day to a new life, taking the decision to win my fear of that mountain of becoming an author. I have decided I will conquer that mountain with fierce courage, sisu.

I am embedding my knowledge and skills from coaching, leadership, breathing, bodywork, soul wisdom, and energy work to support the ones who I am predestined to meet on my path, and I know this is my task in this world. Finally, this is me, purely me, finally showing up so much more fully and authentic in front of others than never before. Past is past, and I here to encounter the present moment and the future with open arms.

Sending love & light out to the world,


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