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Radical Growth, what it’s all about?

Foundation for happy and balanced life is simple, but the hard part is living it real. We live in societies that cultivate a certain way of living what is acceptable and normal. We follow that path without thinking what we really want. And then surprise, surprise, the feeling of emptiness and irrelevance takes over us.

My life and work experience has given me a great opportunity to observe and experience all this myself. I feel the paradigm is that we need to hit a hard wall to wake up and make the choice to explore what’s available for me in life.

If we could accept the fact that we are on a continuum of life, with its ups and downs, learning life every second, choosing every morning how we want to live our life, we would definitely be better off. And I wish our working places and societies would support and understand that fluctuating rhythm of life.

My greatest learning has been surviving burnout and other hardship in life, it has forced me to make the choices that serve my wellbeing. Also, what I have learned through my Co-Active Coaching training path is invaluable and I want to share it with the world.

I named my signature webinar and online masterclass “Radical Growth”, because it is radical. We don’t listen to ourselves and our needs enough. we don’t know who we are anymore. Through my work I want to create a safe space for you to reflect on who you really are, what you really want from life and how is it associated with the life you are living. And, to take the first step out of that comfort zone, where no growth and learning happens, and start your own unique hero’s journey in life.

I will start my online masterclass on 1st of October September, so if you want to start looking what is under your hood, join us, and of course my coaching services are always available to you.

Be the Leader of Your Life,



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