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Energy of 2020

The start of 2020 has made me feel rather overwhelmed. According to yoga numerology, it is symbolizing the energy of number four: heart, neutral mind, potential of true humanity and sense of community and serving. The shadows of it are numbness of heart, distrust and postponing things forward. The latter explains the way I have felt.

Yesterday I had first meeting with my kundalini yoga teacher training instructor and she made me understand I can't hide away from my purpose. I so much needed that discussion and her wisdom. We all need mentors in our life. My path of heart has been clear to me since a child, but I haven't seen it realistic nor possible to follow. But now, a major light bulb moment hit me before the Christmas holiday.

Since a child, it has made me sad and powerless to see children and women suffer because of inequality, violence, and abuse. Up until now, I did not realize I could have an impact on this through my work. Honestly, I thought I needed to have studied the field, be a nurse or work in a charity organization to make it possible.

What I realized (and decided) is that I will tie all my leadership development projects with charity projects for children, girls, and women in need. Education will change the world and my part in that is awaking the connection within, which enables stepping into our full power, maximizing our capabilities and using them. Empowerment is a strong tool when used right.

In our western world, I want to raise the consciousness of our action or nonaction. We always have an impact on the world whether we want it or not. For us everything is possible and still, we often see only the obstacles. Come on, guys! Time to wake up! We are all in this world together. It is time to turn to ship around! Have trust in ourselves, live in the present and follow the paths of our hearts.

Tools for overcoming the shadows of 2020 are gratefulness and trusting life will bring what is meant. We need to choose our path of heart, love, and compassion over and over and over again.

Happy New Year!

Marika <3


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