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Conscious Leadership

Since a child, has made me sad and powerless to see people, especially children, girls, and women suffer due to inequality, violence, and abuse. Later I added protection of nature to my list. I notice that the same issues are raised up in media and news again and again. We have not done enough during my lifetime of 40 years.

I love how the consciousness of climate change has raised its voice recently throughout the world, and I am concerned about the counter-power of destructive leadership. If we don't act on developing and changing the way we lead, we will continue the confrontation, with no good end result.

It makes me furious to think about this. What the hell is wrong with us? We are part of this world, this universe where everything is connected. We can't close our eyes and continue living without taking action. We need conscious leadership. Becoming aware of our impact as individuals, organizations, governments, and leaders. It is our responsibility to bring peace and save our children and earth.

This is why the Conscious Leadership initiative started. I realized I can combine my leadership development work with social responsibility and have an impact. This journey is just kicking off with a lot of plans, which are starting to turn into actions. I have a committed team around me and first partners have signaled their interest.

Conscious Leadership balances the global common good and individual self-interests. A leadership guided by a vision and driven by values that target not only the success of the organization but also the well-being of all stakeholders, including employees, customers, investors, partners, society and the environment.

Conscious leaders speak with integrity, lead with authenticity and hold themselves accountable. They listen with the intent to understand and not just to respond, and they do it by being in tune with themselves and the world around them.

If you are interested in hearing more, sharing your wisdom, advising or being part of the journey somehow, please don't be a stranger. We are in this together. Let's change make a difference together.

Marika <3


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