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Who dares, wins?

I must confess. I applied for NBF speaking sourcing contest a month ago with a topic related to peak performance. I didn't get to the first qualifier from among the 170 applicants. But what was important for me was to have courage to apply, send my script and four minute video of the speech. What in earth got me in doing this? PASSION, no small letters in that word for me. Why?

You might know, that past year has been the best and the worse in the same package for me. Being in the process of saying goodbye to my mother, trying to do my best at work and going through my coaching certification. I truly have been searching for my meaning. Without coaching I would not be here sitting and writing you about this.

Coaching has opened my eyes and encouraged me to go for my dreams. The energy I get from coaching is balancing my wellbeing and I gain back the energy I loose when grieving my mother's weak condition. Sometimes I hear comments on how do you have energy to do this and that. Coaching creates a space where I can be my authentic self. I write and share my stuff because it serves my purpose and creativity. I do this because I want to recover from years of over achieving at work, and of course recover from the griefs I have had in my life past years. It has been a great year of self-discovery. I know what I want, what is truly important for me and I have confidence to do it. I walk the talk in my life.

I have made some big decisions from which you will hear after summer. The excitement is tingling in my stomach and at the same time fear is knocking my door. But do you know what? I will not open the door because I know where I am heading. So, welcome strength and courage! I dare to stretch my comfort zone (there are no learning for me) and go beyond normal. Sky isn't the limit. A friend whom I told I applied for NBF asked if I dared to talk in front of thousands of people. Do you know what I answered? Of course, I will get coaching on it.

So, what is your topic you need to be coached on? What is your vision, goal to be reached or fear or obstacle to be removed?





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