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What does it take to be a self-leader?

Within last two weeks I have been interviewed for radio and TV on self-leadership and how leadership is changing (amazing experiences!!!). These are topics which I love and I work with on daily basis. So, what's essential in self-leadership? What it takes to be a self-leader?

One of my CTI coaching supervisors Eva pointed me out that there are only two important questions in life. They also are in the core of self-leadership.

These questions are:

1. Who am I?

2. Where am I going?

Sounds simple and easy? To be able to answer these questions take a deeper look inside yourself. Who are you really? Leave out your status and title. What is important for you in life? What do these values mean to you? What you are capable of? What are your strengths, abilities and potential? Why do you get up from the bed every morning? What is your purpose? What makes you heart sing? With these ingredients you can create your vision. Courage and belief in yourself will follow. Add ability to take action and work towards your vision and you are unstoppable. There are no roads without rocks, so whatever comes your way you also need ability to handle obstacles.

The easy part is that we all have this information inside us and the hard part is to start connecting to your wisdom and act on it. But when you do, your life will change. Navigating through changes will become easier, as well as decision-making. You will have a better understanding of yourself and you will be able to see the big picture, meta-view on your life. 

When we transform all this to corporate life and how they should lead people who wan to  make difference I have many times come across with self-determination theory of Richard Ryan and Edward Deci. Based on their research self-leaders seek for autonomy (freedom of making decisions), relatedness (belonging) and they want to have sense of competence and meaningful contribution.

This is easily translated to one sentence: People who know their passion want to make difference and work with people with whom they share a common vision in a free world.

Do you remember the times when "wolves of Wallstreet" type of bullies have been praised and admired in business? This is coming to the end and the dinosaur companies still living this, will no longer attract the best employees. World is too transparent. What you say and do today will be known tomorrow by half of the world. Now, it is time for people who have compassion, are authentic and open and who want to work with same minded people sharing a meaningful mission.

So, what are your answers? Very curious on hearing more.

Marika <3



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