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The Ooh la la momentum

First quarter after starting to work towards my dreams is at the end. It has been intense, empowering and also surprising. Balance has been a key value for me during this time. Taking care of my well-being & family besides of having a day job and starting my own coaching practice has been quite a roller coaster. Needless to say, there have been fears of failing and not being accepted as who I am and how I think. My fears have been proven to be irrelevant. Thank you for all of you who have been supporting and encouraging me. I am so grateful to have you around me <3.

Incredible things have happened. I have been invited for interviews in radio, blogs and webinars. I have been invited to speak in events about courage, dreams and entrepreneurship. I have new contacts who want to change experiences with me on leadership and coaching. I have been offered new career opportunities. I have received new coaching clients out of the blue. What could I wish for more? It looks like I am going full speed to the direction I have dreamed of and it is kind of scary. There will be a lot of choices to make in the future.

When we started this year with my splendid coach Alex he challenged me of my dream of becoming an international coach. He asked "Why are you then limiting yourself by writing only in Finnish? What are you procrastinating when not establishing your own company? " And he was so right. Coaching is about making your clients see how they are limiting themselves. As soon as I started taking action, things started to happen. This is this my "Ooh la la" momentum, greater than aha! moment.

I am planning my year ahead and enjoying this moment of great accomplishments. What can the future bring? Something or everything? I am confident that I am in the path that was meant for me, creating from the strength, courage and passion I have. It all started with a strong and compelling vision and I know you all have it inside you. Do you want to find it out?

Happy Easter!

Marika <3



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