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Successful entrepreneurship based on passion, values and purpose?

My full-time entrepreneur life started 1st of September 2018. It has been a profound journey into myself. Can I authentically be myself as an entrepreneur and let my values guide me on my way?

I have had unexpected encounters with so many interesting people. I have learned so much from them, received support and respect. It has made me strong and self-confident. There have been many scary curves on the road. "Am I enough" has been my "favorite" fear. But after some internal debates, I have decided to trust myself. That's actually the most simple thing we can do and yet so difficult.

My believe in myself and what I do (coaching processes, self-leadership and leadership development) has brought me to this moment where my first year invoicing has been about 45 000 euros. I have been on holidays for seven weeks on, two intensive weeks in my Co-Active Leadership training and I have worked 80% of normal working hours. Could I ask for more? NO. I am super content! I have made it! I haven't experienced the valley of death. I could easily double or triple my billable hours if I wanted to.

This year has been a good time to explore what does it mean for me to be an entrepreneur. How do I want to impact my clients? What is my entrepreneurship about? Is this really what I want? Entrepreneurship is a very personal matter (at least when you are selling yourself as a professional in your field). What is good for me, might not be good for someone else. What is universal, is that I have build my business on who I am, what I am good at and passionate about.

My thesis are:

I always do my best. I continuously develop myself. I look for peer coaching and mentoring. I ask for support. I know I am not perfect. Together we are more. I look for the answers in relationships.

Many say that entrepreneurship is hard. I say it is intriguing, inspiring, easy, liberating and it makes me grow all the time. I have found my balance and and I have been able to earn my living with less work and stress. That's because I love what I do.

Would you like to do the same? I have build up a masterclass coaching package on how to find you "thing" in life. Let me know if you are interested and I will keep you posted.

Enjoy your summer!

Marika <3



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