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Living Intentionally

This morning I saw the picture of "The Art of Living Intentionally" in the Becoming Superwoman Club on Facebook. I didn't think about it further at that point. And then, later a client called me and asked: "How do you Marika have time to do all the things you do? I am sweating when I look at your posts and know you actually do the things you talk about. People must think you are really busy." That really woke me up. "Well, I concentrate on what is important to me. I do my work intentionally. And, I don’t have double or triple bookings for eight hours a day like I use to have in my previous work." It never occurred to my mind that some people might think I am overwhelmed with my work. But I am not. Many say entrepreneurship is hard, and yes, I totally understand that, but I think we can choose how we approach it.

My struggle is that there is so much interesting stuff happening in the world I would like to be part of. I need to count to ten, calm down, look inside myself for what I need and stay intentional, follow my values and purpose. Those being balance with work and home, wellbeing (mind, soul, heart, body), continuous learning, serving the world, humility, integrity, fun & humour. I want to make difference through leadership development to raise the consciousness of our impact.

If we look at my 2019, I had two months' holiday, one-month leadership training in Barcelona and the rest of the time I worked approximately two days of the week to earn over 60 000 euros. So, roughly 60-80 working days and with the rest of the time I planned, created, learned, did my pro bono stuff, yoga, was with my kids etc. It was a perfect balance. For first time ever I did not' have continuous flu and other children diseases.

So, if you were wondering if I am busy, I am not. I have time for you, your organization or I am just happy to connect and share our views on leadership development, values work, how we should lead more consciously. I have become more conscious about my life and my decisions. What about you? Is it possible to be intentional and take care of yourself at the same time?

Marika <3



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