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How to build self-awareness?

Summer holidays are about to start and many of us have plenty of plans and dreams to fulfill during our vacation. I think that just now you have a perfect moment to do some reflection on who you are and what do you really want (from life and the vacation). No matter what our history is or what life throws at us just now, we always are at choice how we perceive the world and ourselves. I had a session with my coach Alex yesterday and he came up with the following request for me. On daily basis I will answer to the questions below. It will help me to become more aware on what is going inside me and making choices that support my well-being.

The questions are:

1. How is your heart feeling?

2. How is your body feeling?

3. How is your mind feeling?

4. How is your spirit feeling?

This morning when I woke up my heart was feeling light, my body was feeling tired, my mind felt clear and my spirit was sad. What did my answers tell me? I need some downtime for my body and spirit to recover from all happened and also that my heart and mind are already going slowly forward. Life is an emotional roller coaster, isn't it? I feel I need to listen to my different levels of being to have more balance and energy.

I have a tendency to please other people and I have decided to work with that as well (read: get rid of that burden). So, I have started to be more aware of interplay with different people in different situations. When and with whom I can truly be myself and when I need to change myself in service of others. Changing who we are in service of others is harmful for all of us. Sometimes for a short periods of time it can work as a survival mechanism, but in a long run it is not doing any good for us. If we can't be who we are, live our values and meaning, we suppress our emotions and start becoming cynical, negative, grumpy and stressed. You don't want to be like that, yeah? Just start noticing what's going on in you in different situations with different people. What kind of needs or urges come up? Do you notice acting in a way you normally wouldn't? What lead you in to that situation? When you become aware of what pushes your buttons you are able to work with it.

We receive a lot of little signs from our levels of being which we can use to maintain or build our well-being. If you want to work with you self-awareness, start listening these signs, reflect your behavior and act on them and voilà, your life will be more in balance.

Have a lovely summer,




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