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Fear is a liar

We all are impeccable and meant to live fulfilling and meaningful life (that's how I define success). But how often do we feel successful? If I take a random sample of the people I work with the sad truth is that most of the time we feel failures. Our fears and self-criticism are misleading us and what we think is true, is a big fat lie.

I am starting my10 -month Co-Active Leadership Program in one week and fear has tried to take over my head for the past few weeks. It has been questioning my purpose and intentions, and has made up all kind of mental traps. Is this what I really want? Why am I going there? Should I just get a "normal day job"? How will my children manage without me? Do I want to be there with those 25 strangers?

When being in middle of these fears some days ago, I opened the book "Co-Active Leadership - Five Ways to Lead" from Karen and Henry Kimsey-House, just from a miscellaneous page and it said:

"As human beings we are potential unfolding over the course of our lives. When self-discovery becomes both an adventure and act of service, we grow ourselves in order to be more useful to our world rather than in order to get ahead or make more money. We let go of an illusion that we need need to do a lot of things in order to have a lot of things so that we can be happy and fulfilled. Instead, we are fulfilled, and from that we do things that bring us joy and fulfillment so that we have a life that is rich with learning, self-discovery, partnership, and love."

And that is my answer. This is why I am doing what I am doing, working as an entrepreneur and starting this10 -month leadership quest. It will be one of the greatest adventures of my life. No idea of the end result, but it is about continuing my self-discovery and living the life that is meant for me.

And why is FEAR A LIAR? It is trying to keep us in our comfort zones. There is no room for growth, passion nor excitement. You know the stories of ancient times when fear kept us alive. It is not that valid anymore. Times have changed and the only threat we are facing are our fears.

Actually, what I have become aware is that I can rein my fears to go forward. What triggers my biggest fears, is probably the best alternative for me to grow. So, what is triggering your fear? Should you go for it?

For your inspiration check Elizabeth Gilbert's video "Go on a journey where fear is invited". I love how she deals with her fear.

Live fearlessly,

Marika <3



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