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ENTERING 2019 - Finding My Neverland

I hope you read my previous blog on COMPLETING 2018. If not, please start from there. It will help you to have closure for 2018 and continue with this post to create a compelling and exciting vision for 2019.

I watched the movie Finding Neverland just before Christmas and I felt strong connection with the energy of the movie. It is about playwright J.M. Barrie who created Peter Pan. For me, it tells how important it is to listen to your soul, heart, body and mind, your true self. Combining all that wisdom, we are able to create that what is meant. Last weekend I saw Bohemian Rhapsody and it had the same impact. Freddie Mercury had such a deep passion for music that it was inevitable to become such and icon he is. Again I deeply felt that we know what we need know.

2019 will be my year of finding my neverland, my sand box. I have a deep sense of purpose and connection to my wisdom. I will not mind about other's opinions. So, let's go.

1. How will I enrich my life and my family this year? How can I make my relationships richer, more fun, more intimate and more loving?

With more love towards myself and embracing the love I receive. I want to be more present with my relationships. I believe that living more of my values compassion, fun, humor, balance, curiosity, playfulness and caring will help me.

2. What am I tolerating that I’d like to change or eliminate in my daily routine this year?

Old patterns of thinking. I have begun a new stage in my life. I have stepped into new level of consciousness and thinking. And I need to re-define who the hell is this person, what is she doing and how. I have many answers but so many changes have happened in such a short time, I need to pause and ponder on it.

3. What joys and ordinary pleasures will I add to my schedule, starting today?

Being present in this moment and appreciating all that I have. Gratefulness is a great power. Time for myself. Every day. And not feeling guilty about having that time.

4. What financial goals do I have for 2019?

Previous achiever me - would have loved this question. Now, my financial goal is to do meaningful stuff on 2019.

I am starting a 10-month Co-Active Leadership Program in March and I am waiting for it with great excitement (and fear as well). CTI trainings are transformational, so I feel I am stepping into unknown. I don't know what will happen and who will I become. But I know this is my path. Let's see where it will take me.

5. What will I do to maintain my health? What am I committed to for fitness, for vitality and wellness?

I will concentrate on my mental and physical well-being 100%. Sleep enough. Do the sports I love: yoga, dancing, walking in the forest. Listen to my body. Pamper myself. I am committed to giving my body, soul, heart and mind what it needs.

6. If my life is a book what is the next chapter called?

Finding my neverland.

7. What is something I would do this year if I didn’t care a damn about what other people thought of me?

Just be goofy me, happy, smiling and trusting. Hmm, well I could always wear a summer dress and floral wreath.

8. If I could do only one BIG project in my lifetime, what would it be?

Share my energy with people around the world to help them to find their inner strengths, capabilities, power and resilience.

Have a meaningful 2019!

Marika <3



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