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COMPLETING 2018 - A year of new beginnings and letting go

2018 is drawing to a close. Autumn has been very busy and I haven’t been blogging as I was planning. Entrepreneurship sucked me in like a hurricane. I imagined spending my time painting and writing, but instead new clients kept me busy. I noticed that entrepreneurship is like starting in a new working place. A lot of new stuff to learn and to do. Freedom of being able to do what ever, also gave me grey hair because there is so much I want to do. My biggest learning has been to trust the process and let go of hesitation and fear. Concentrate on the core. Have trust that life will take me where ever is meant.

I must say that I am grateful to be here exactly in this moment of my life. This year has been far from easy. Besides grieving for the loss of my mother, I made big decisions with my future career and finalized my coaching training. Or perhaps it was because of that. I have learned that hard times give us perspective on life and help us to make those big decisions.

What helped me to do that jump from regular pay check to not knowing about the next pay check? Courage. Passion. Belief in what I have and how I want to serve the world around me. Also deciding that money is not important.

What I have learned is that life is not an easy ride, but we can decide how we look at it, adopt and accept the things we can’t influence. I have been determined on what I want to do. I feel that universe has been backing me up and because of the clarity, things have started to happen naturally. I have had my ups and downs. Tears of joy, relief, fear and sadness. An exiting roller coaster.

So, for all these reasons, it is good to pause for a while and look back how 2018 was.

What were my top 10 joys, celebrations, milestones and successes in 2018?

1. Establishing my own company and DARING to start working as full time entrepreneur. I trusted in my capabilities to create business based on my values and purpose.

2. FAMILY. Seeing my boys grow, learn and challenge me and my husband as parents. Having my husbanc backing me up during difficult times in our family and relationship.

3. Receiving my CO-ACTIVE COACH CERTIFICATION from CTI and ACC certification from ICF. This just a start of my coaching career and it has been truly a year of learning, growing and transforming.

4. Working with my first CORPORATE CLIENTS on coaching and leadership development. Feedback has been excellent and I feel delighted.

5. PERSONAL GROWTH. Difficult times force us to decide whether to go forward or not. I chose the latter. It has taken a lot of energy, but it is starting to bear fruit. I have been working with my thoughts, emotions and actions and rebuilding / rewiring my thinking. I have learned to listen to my body, heart, mind and soul. When they are tired, sad, happy or frightened I am giving them what they need.

6. NETWORKING with great people. All that respect, dialogue and understanding. Amazing that all those people have crossed my path from out of nowhere.

7. Creating LEADERSHIFT philosophy and training with Minna. We have been putting together our knowledge and wisdom. I love the process of creating something from the scratch.

8. Starting COACHING TALKS PODCAST with Marc. Another amazing professional to work with. Making of podcast is FUN.

9. BARRET CTT (CulturalTransformation Tools) CERTIFICATION. Our values are linked into our level of consciousness and thinking. Richard Barret has established a worldwide organization helping organizations develop value driven organizations and leaders, which are proven to be most successful. I am so happy to help my clients to transform with these tools. It will take value driven leadership in Finland to the next level.

10. We started HELKA LEADERSHIFT TALKS with Hotel Helka in November. Our purpose is to provoke discussion on how leadership is changing now and in the future. How should we respond to it through value and purpose driven leadership and embracing diversity.

What were my frustrations and disappointments?

I carried SHAME of not being able to work full time for the first eight months of this year. Now that I write it here, it sounds totally crazy. My mother’s condition was fluctuating a lot before she died and it was mentally heavy. Now that I look back I did what was needed, perhaps I should have quit even earlier. After I did it, I felt a huge relieve, I didn’t need to explain or feel sorry for myself and that shame was gone. Perhaps it tells about the culture I was working in.

What do I need to let go of / forgive myself for that’s hanging over from this year?

I need to let go of thinking of work all the time. It does not define who I am. My values and personality does. Critical thinking and limiting beliefs are also on the list.

What did I learn?

Grieving takes its own time. I can’t hurry the process. Being self-compassionate. I am a powerhouse and I can and will make things happen. I trust my wings.

If this year was a chapter in the book of my life what was it called?

New beginnings and letting go.

What are your celebrations and frustrations for 2018?

Happy New Year to all of you! Next post will be on creating compelling and exciting vision of 2019.

Marika <3



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