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Are you longing for direction in life?

Have you noticed that western culture drives us into a DOING mode. The more we do the more we achieve, right? So why do we end of being unsatisfied, miserable and burnout? If the endless to-do list, full calendar and the achievements should fulfill our life, what are we doing wrong?  These might be the questions you have in your mind. So, let me help you. Life is about balance between DOING and BEING. We just have forgotten the BEING part. Life is a seesaw we need to keep in balance.

When we look at our life from DOING perspective it makes life happen. If we skew too much towards this side we fell badly off-balance. In search of fulfillment, meaning and happiness we easily fell off track if we don’t know where we are heading. We fill in our life with things that bring pleasure and we have a hunger for continuously achieving more and more. Life starts to feel meaningless, heavy and tiring.

What about if we skew towards BEING? In essence, this means knowing your values, your purpose and your ambitions. Knowing who you are deep down and where are you heading now. In the space of BEING you let life happen, it is the space of flow and you are heading towards your meaning of life. It is important is to notice that the seesaw is not aimed to be on balance all the time. It is good to rock slowly and sometimes faster. It is worth of noticing that we need both of them and sometimes we need to DO a lot to reach our BEING. It is all about balance and discovering the BEING side of life.

I am very aware that I have been concentrated on DOING things all of my life. Achieving more and more but never really being satisfied at the end. Only after I running into coaching I have started understanding the importance of BEING in my life and observing it daily. Of course I still fell off-balance from time to time, but thanks to learning it I get on balance more easily. Knowing yourself in deeper way helps you to navigate demanding circumstances.

Because I know you are very good in DOING, my advice for you is to start BEING more present now, in this moment and noticing who are you BEING then and what you are projecting to your surroundings from the place of BEING.

“Way of BEING is being in a relationship to everything” Jon Kabat-Zinn





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