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3 Months | 6 sessions

Starts1st of October | 2PM (UTC/GMT+3)

Start Living the Life You Want NOW

This Master Class is for all of you who are on your personal or professional growth journey. Radical growth is about expanding your knowledge on who you are, what do you want from life and how to get there.




Now you can start that journey only 100€ per month.

Hurry up! The seats are limited!

In the 3-Month Radical Growth Masterclass, You will:

  • Understand and work with your story; what makes you unique

  • Work with the fundamentals of you life: values, life purpose and self-limiting beliefs

  • Create a compelling vision and start working towards it

  • Understand who you really are and what you really want from life and get assistance on how to make it real

What You'll Get

Master Class Member Access Includes:

Powerful Coaching Self-Help Tools and Materials

Peer Support In Our

Discussion Forum

Special Gift

30 Minute Coaching

With Me

Professional Coach

Supporting Your Path

Marika Nikkinen.png

Marika Nikkinen

Leadership & Life Coach

My purpose is to enable deep connection within. I support my clients to know who they really  are, what they want from life and how to get there. Life is what we make out of it.

Master the simple recipe for fulfilling life

This online masterclass is called “Radical Growth”, because it is radical. We don’t listen to ourselves and our needs enough. We don’t know who we are anymore.


This Masterclass creates a safe space for you to reflect on who you really are, what you really want from life and how it's associated with the life you are currently living.


Take the first step out of your comfort zone where no growth and learning happens, and start your own unique hero’s journey in life. You'll notice the positive impact immediately.

Radical Growth Masterclass is a 3-month journey and it's hosted live every second Tuesday at 2pm (UTC/GMT +3) starting on the 1st of October 2019.


If you happen to miss any of the live sessions, you will have access to the recording and can continue working with your hero's journey just like others. All the class materials and recordings are yours to enjoy forever!

Schedule & Agenda

Here's the detailed schedule for the course (note! there is one exception to live training time on week 42):


Orientation: Working with Your Story

Week 40 1.10. 2pm

Kicking of your Hero’s Journey, working with Your Story

Week 42 14.10. 10am

Working with your Values

Week 44 29.10. 2pm

Working with Your Purpose


Week 46 12.11. 2pm

Working with your Self-Limiting Beliefs

Week 48 26.11. 2pm

Working with Your Vision

Week 50 10.12. 2pm

Working with Your Hero’s Plan, Celebration

In Between Sessions

Between the live sessions, you'll continue to work with the current themes individually and prepare for the next live session. Discussion forum is in your usage to support each other on they way.

What My Clients Say

“As a result of our coaching I appreciate more about the life I have. I am more familiar with my values, my strengths and my development goals"


“Marika has supported and challenged me to look fear in the eye and step into my full potential in life. She has an intuitive way of knowing what I need to hear. I have learned a lot about myself working with her."


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