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#mäosaan #ican: bring warm connection to my surroundings

Howtomo, a Finnish peer-to-peer learning network for women has started #mäosaan (#ican) campaign in the honour of International Women’s Day.The idea of the campaign is to encourage women to tell about their skills (and who they are) out loud. What an amazing initiative!! I hope you all participate in a way or another.

#ican ask why until I get answered, understand complex entities and deep dive into new environments easily. When I look at my CV I sometimes think that have I done all that. I am proud all my successes and failures. Failing hasn’t been my favourite, but I am in a process considering it as a good learning. Luckily, life is a good teacher.

#ican see people as they are and notice what they bring to the room. I have no reason to hide my own feelings either. If you ask my how I am doing I will tell you. I create a safe place for the people participating in my coaching or trainings. That’s the work I love the most, bringing out the best in people. I am full of joy, humour and love. I care for people and all living creatures.

#ican do crazy stuff. I can run a marathon, benji jump and reach my dreams. My SISU is beyond measure and sometimes it takes me to places I wouldn’t like to be. I dare follow my path and live a meaningful life. Above all #ican be an amazing mother for my sons. I will always be there for them no matter what.

What can you do? Praise your skills!

Happy International Women’s Day to all!

Marika <3



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